How are you CHOOSING to wrap up 2020? 

Will it be a write-off or a massive win? 

Right now, you are standing at a precipice. You can stay where you are now (just surviving, on hold or stuck) or you can create what you REALLY want. It is in your reach! But you have to grab it.

I'm talking about the difference between:

  • ...creating $5K a month OR $50K a month

  • …finding a job OR finding THE job

  • ...settling for a home that is barely good enough OR finally buying the home that helps you live more fully

  • ...constantly feeling trapped in your life OR you setting the course for real freedom

  • with a scarcity mindset where there is never enough OR having a wealth mindset where there is always enough

  • ...days of binging Netflix or hiding in food OR days FEELING purpose & motivation again

  • ...feeling powerless with the world around you OR being in a position of power to do something about it

----> I am NOT talking about grabbing your dreams with force, creating S.M.A.R.T. goals (screw smart goals), or using the tactics and strategies you have tried before. I am talking about a whole different way for you to...

...create the wealth, life and dreams you deserve! 

With Ease. With Joy. With your innate strength and power. 

Make 2020 your greatest year yet.

You can start the pre-event program today!

A Year Defining Question

If you KNEW you had the power to finish this year on the highest note and create what you really want, regardless of where your life, work or business is right now, would you go for it?  

If you said yes, this event was designed for you.

No matter where you are right now, if you have the desire to change things, what I am going to teach will give you the tools to do it with more ease, more joy & more power.

About Sonya Stattmann & her events

Sunshine Kamaloni

Author, Racial Equity Consultant & Change Maker

“Sonya is a gifted teacher. She not only gets to the core of the matter but she also helps you see how you can achieve it in a way that is authentic to you. What I love most about Sonya’s teaching style is the beautiful congruency she embodies. She walks the talk and I don’t know about you but I’m here for that kind of leadership. It’s the only kind that inspires true transformation and because of Sonya, it has certainly changed my life.”

Carolyn McCall

Founder of The Little Project Management Company

“All women should attend Sonya's events! Sonya has this magical way of helping women navigate modern life and all of the current uncertainty. It's an understatement to say that her events have transformed my life. Sonya has helped me come to a place where I can trust in my power and believe in myself to create a life that I love.”

Anna Kochetkova

Social Media Strategist & Founder of Good Social Only

“Sonya's work is unique. Maybe even one-of-a-kind entirely. I have not come across anyone as honest, intuitive & wise in the business or self-development world so far. And I searched! Every event, training or coaching session with Sonya is a moment of enlightenment - she doesn't offer a template or a solution but holds space for one to uncover their own truth. I didn't think this was possible. Sonya's decades in business and rich internal world create an effective mix of business acumen and her ability to see people for who they are, helping them leverage their gifts and skills. Results come rushing like an avalanche!“

Michel Hudson

Michel Hudson, CFRE and owner of 501(c)onsulting

“I’ve known Sonya for a number of years, as an event attendee, client, and podcast follower. I also consider her a friend. To say that she has had a transformational effect on my life would not be an overstatement. Her guidance is always spot on – but more than that, she makes me think really deeply and consider what I truly feel about not just my business, but also myself. If you ever have the chance to access her wisdom and support, do not hesitate to connect with her.”

Gabrielle Woodhams

Creator of Mixing Four clothing brand

”Sonya has a totally different approach to business coaching. She is dedicated, thoughtful, and intuitive. Her thinking is outside of the box and her unusual ideas make complete sense. She helps you come up with directions and decisions you would never have thought possible.”

What to Expect in this Virtual Retreat

  • All-Day Event

  • Live Training and Workshops

  • Optional Yoga Morning Program

  • Networking and Breakouts

  • Powerful Transformation

  • Pre-Event Program - Start Today

  • Full Replay and Mini-Course After the Event

  • Dance Party and Happy Hour

August 29, 8am - 6:30pm (USA - Central)

Location: Your living room, bedroom or secret garden 

We meet on Zoom + you get a full replay with Bonus Materials to stream over & over again or to watch if you can't attend the full event live!

Don't miss this life-changing event & mini-course

Register by August 28th, 2020

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Let’s call out the primary problem

keeping women from creating MORE!

We limit our desire! We give up on our ability to create. We fail to see our worthiness and constantly struggle with not being enough. What this really comes down to...

We buy into the patriarchal bullshit we have been taught since birth.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the racist, sexist and patriarchal powers deciding who should be successful, HOW we should create and where wealth should flow. 

---> Imagine if ALL women created their greatest desires?
---> Imagine if ALL women created wealth & moved that wealth OUT of the hands of the patriarchy and into our communities, friends & allies?
---> Imagine if ALL women recognized their value & power both individually & collectively?

What would change in the world? What would YOU create?

Changing the world around us starts with changing ourselves. We have to believe in ourselves. We have to see our worthiness. We have to step into our power & stop feeding the same old structures, power struggles & influences. 

We have to give ourselves permission to dream, create and manifest EVERYTHING we want.

Reclaim 2020 is all about taking back your desire, motivation & power to create MORE!

Check out this clip from my latest podcast episode. You can listen to the whole episode on any podcast app or here

Watch Intro Video

Why This Event? Why Now?

2020 is a year of change! 

It started off by stripping us of certainty, status quo, stability & the life we knew before. 

Massive changes uprooted our world and now we have a choice: we can stay in that place of uncertainty & fear or we can take back our power and create more than we ever have before.  

Creating a new world and taking back our power, starts with deciding what we really want & choosing to put our desires first. 

True, heartfelt desire is the fuse that lights creation. 

The problem is that we haven’t really let ourselves commit to our desires. To believe in them. To achieve them. 

Instead, we settle and give up

We over-own and over-deliver which keeps us in constant motion to please, to be validated & to end up at the whim of someone else's desires at the cost of our own. 

We can reclaim 2020 by claiming what we want & going after it.  

Reclaim 2020 is about lighting your fuse of creation again to create whatever you want! 

Why women have struggled to create their dreams & manifest their goals:

There are massive problems with the way the world teaches women to determine goals, go after goals & manifest goals. 

  • We are taught to dream with limits (you can have what you want as long as it serves everyone else, as long as it isn’t too much, as long as it doesn’t topple over the patriarchy)
  • We are taught how to create goals from a masculine lens (meaning our greatest gifts and wisdom are not valid in the process)
  • We are subtlety and not so subtlely told we need to do more, be more and have more first (i.e., we are never enough)
  • We have been taught that what matters is action and effort  (but have only been shown masculine action & effort)
  • We have been taught to set goals rationally and without emotion (instead of accessing our superpower of anger & the fire inside of us)
  • We have been forced to create goals that are misaligned with who we really are (meaning we end up in burnout, health issues & limited success) 

What you haven't been taught? YOU have the power inside of you to create anything you want easily and with minimal effort.  

Reclaim 2020 is about YOU realizing you are already enough, that you have the tools right now to bring your desires into reality & that you are more powerful than you ever imagined!

Who This Event is For:

  • You are a woman (or ally of women) ready to receive MORE...wealth, success, freedom and fulfillment

  • You feel stuck, unmotivated or unclear about what is next (for you, your career or your business)

  • You have struggled lately to feel like yourself

  • You want to reclaim 2020 & make it your best year yet

  • You commit to NOT making this another course that collects dust on the shelf

  • You are keen on self-development & you know that the internal work changes the external results

  • You are ready to have a toolbox for more motivation, energy, manifestation & power

  • You want to meet people who are like-minded and also ready for change

Okay, Let's get to details! What is the event, and how does it work?

After 20 years of working with thousands of women to create their greatest desires (career, business & life), I have put together a transformational 1-day virtual event.  

I have combined all of my experience and wisdom + the tools I have seen work thousands of times to help YOU transform 2020 into an amazing year. 

It will be a fun, expansive & unique live event. 

Just Some of the Topics I Cover and You Can Start Today:

  • How to ignite your desire & why this is the fuel to have everything you want

  • Recognizing the difference between what you "think" you want & what you really want

  • Creating MORE than you ever imagined

  • How to get clarity on your goals & vision - work, life and/or business

  • How to dissolve limitations, doubt & fear

  • Unlocking your full potential - and it isn't what you think

  • The right environment & foundation to create easily with minimal effort & no "work"

  • Accessing your motivation & building your momentum for success

  • Making it happen - the fast path to creating what you want... AND SO MUCH MORE!!

The Schedule

Times are in Central Daylight Savings Time USA, but see the FAQs below if you want to attend in other time zones. 

Each major event consists of a combination of training, breakouts, Q&A and workshop formats.

Pre-event mini-course: As soon as you register, you will receive access to a pre-event mini-course to prepare you for the day. You can watch short videos and do exercises so you will be ready to get the most from our day together.  

Post-event mini-course: Shortly after the live event, you will have access to the full replays + some bonus material so you can use it over and over again.

Every time you feel stuck, unsure of your direction and find yourself in need of a refresher on the power you have to change your circumstances, you will be able to run through this mini-course from start to finish. 

All prices include full access to the pre-event mini-course, live 1-day event & post-event mini-course with Bonus Material. All prices are in USD

The Power Up option is limited & first-come, first-serve. It includes one 1:1 session after the event with Sonya Stattmann and access to her 20+ years of experience working with women. Currently there is no way of accessing 1:1 time with Sonya outside of her full, high-end coaching programs. 

More words about Sonya Stattmann & her events

Tina DeValk

Online Business Manager at Tina Devalk

“Through Sonya’s guidance, I have experienced tremendous personal growth and transformation. She's helped me find my voice to speak my truth, challenge my limiting mindsets & finally begin to embrace who I am.”

Merrilee McCoy

Head of Learning Design at Culture Hero

“Sonya's events are uniquely insightful because she approaches business through a lens unlike any other coach I've worked with. Focusing on skill-building over tactics, Sonya creates space to do the real work that leads to meaningful, motivated changes in life and in business.”

Michaela Herrmann

Founder at Perspective Shift Productions

“Sonya speaks clearly and powerfully about how and why women need to do business differently. Every time I connect with her, I feel so validated in my approach to business and capable of making my vision a reality. Her events are energizing gatherings of thoughtful, kind people who want the world to be a better place for everyone.”

Bec Ampt

Creative Director of the Conscious Creative Studio

“Sonya is like no other coach or mentor I have ever worked with. Her genius goes beyond business structures and processes, but to the much deeper self-work. The work that will dismantle and heal your personal blocks, standing in the way of you achieving what your heart truly desires. She will guide you through her 4 core pillars of freedom, success, fulfillment and wealth so you can thrive in both work and life. I have seen true transformation in my own life and in many other women who have had the privilege of working with Sonya. She is truly gifted!”

Who Am I?

And why should you learn from me?

This is a good question! In today’s world, there are a lot of “experts” with little to no experience. So why should you trust me? 

I have been in the trenches with women for more than 20 years. 

I have worked with thousands of women personally over that time in business and leadership roles. I have a successful coaching business, a long-running podcast called Women in the Business Arena, and a TEDx talk called "Moving Beyond #Empowerment". 

I don’t have a zillion followers on any of my social media because I never needed it. I influenced in real life. 

I have delivered thousands of events virtual & in-person

I also have been passionate about self-development since I was 9 (My first self-development book was Positive Solitude).  

I have done decades of study in the area of psychology, self-development, business & leadership

What that means is that I uniquely combine the practical side of business & career growth with the internal side of psychology & self-development. You can’t have one without the other and everything I do supports both.  

If you want to know more about me personally, listen to my podcast, follow me on any of my social media, go to my website or just google "Sonya Stattmann". 

Meet our yoga teacher!

Brooke Binstock is a Licensed Social Worker, Writer, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher certified through Kripalu, Dharma Yoga and Dakini Meditative.  

She is dedicated to cultivating a nonjudgmental approach to being human. 

Her teaching style is warm, grounded, compassionate, intuitive and body-centered. She encourages her clients and students to come home to themselves in a gentle, spacious and loving way.   Find out more at  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I live in Australia, Europe or outside of the LIVE event times? Will I still get value if I can't make all or part of the event?

    I have designed this event specifically to serve my audience around the world. You can attend whatever “live” part you are willing to stay awake for, but after the event you will have a full mini-course with replays and BONUS material to work the process over and over again. I promise IT IS WORTH IT, event if you can't attend it live (Especially at the early bird price). You can also book a 1:1 with me to fully take advantage of the results you can get from my decades of knowledge. This material is currently only accessible to my high-end coaching program. You can’t access it without investing thousands of dollars.

  • Is this event just for women?

    We always welcome allies of women, anyone who identifies as a woman or anyone else marginalized by the white, patriarchal system. Being an ally means you are committed to being anti-racist, anti-sexist and actively checking your privilege. If you are a white, heterosexual male, and want to attend, you are agreeing to be vulnerable, listen & be respectful of all the voices attending this event. I have the right to remove anyone who is disrespectful, racist or sexist in any way, without refund.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Your payment is non-refundable. This is a live event, not a pre-recorded class. If you wish to give away your spot because of illness or your plans change, we can accommodate that up to 48 hours before the event. If you give your ticket away, you also give away access to the mini-course. I encourage you to make a thoughtful decision about whether or not to register for this amazing event. I did design this course to work for any of my customers regardless of where they live and whether than can attend it live. For full terms of service please visit

  • Is this event practical or just more woo?

    All of my work is rooted in grounded application, meaning everything is relevant to real life. Everything I teach is based on decades of working hands-on with women (and a few men). I literally practice is all myself and in my daily work with my clients. Is it woo? It is wholistic. I believe we are whole beings: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If we don't utilize one of those systems, we become imbalanced, so my work is about balancing all of our systems and accessing our full potential.

  • Is this event specifically for business owners?

    No! This event is for any woman or any allies of women who want to create more in 2020. This can be a business, more wealth, a step up in your career or any way you want to impact the world. I do work with a lot of business owners, so there will be a good percentage of business owners in the mix.

  • What if I am NOT into self development?

    Then this event is NOT for you. It is impossible to grow without self-development. If there wasn't something to change in yourself, you would already have everything you wanted. I uniquely offer a special balance between self-development, leadership development and business development. It is practical but also deep. If you just don't enjoy working on yourself, you won't enjoy this event.